Yoga To Reduce Stress

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Yoga To Reduce Stress.

In a city like London where most people live a very busy life, it is vital to learn how to reduce stress and decrease your risk of suffering stress related health problems.

Yoga has the ability to reduce stress levels naturally.

It is no secret that yoga is good for you but did you know that daily yoga practice can actually lower the likelihood that you will get stressed out in the first place?

In a study a yoga group and a control group took an exam.

The yoga group had practiced yoga 35 minutes per day with a trained instructor for 12 weeks prior to the test.

The yoga group didn’t have a significant increase in stress (based on heart rate, respiration and blood pressure) but the control group did.

Here are 3 reasons how yoga works to reduce stress naturally:

– yoga increases oxygen in the body. As you practice yoga, you will begin to place attention on your breath and learn yogic breathing techniques, thus helping to breath deeply and circulate more oxygen in your body.

– yoga increases blood flow in the body. Yoga encourages your body to naturally release and remove waste and toxins.

– yoga decreases mental and emotional stress. Yogic practices actively engage and relax the mind and allow you to experience more wellbeing, inner peace and happiness.

Yoga is a holistic approach to improving your mental, emotional and physical health. ?A lot of benefits also extend well beyond the practice done on the mat, for example you don’t get stressed out so easily and will be happier in everyday life.

By the simple act of starting regular yoga practice, you can take back control of your health today.

If you would like to reduce stress I suggest you get started with a gentle form of yoga.

Want to learn how to deep breathe, perform gentle yoga movements or meditate to overcome stress?

I can teach you how to use yoga to reduce stress levels!

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Magda is a YMCA qualified Hatha yoga teacher in SW London and provides private yoga lessons and yoga therapy to clients.

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