Yoga Tips For Beginners



Yoga Tips For Beginners


One question I often get asked as a yoga teacher and practitioner is:?How do I start yoga practice??

Many people want to start practicing yoga but are busy professionals whose schedules are too hectic to get to regular classes.

Others can feel intimidated by yoga studios and overwhelmed with all the options for classes.

Another problem is that many studios these days don?t offer classes designed for complete beginners ? this means beginners can get lost and feel like they just don?t have what it takes to keep up with the class.



My top yoga tips for beginners:

  • Book a session with a private yoga teacher. Seek out a teacher who can design a practice that suits your individual needs. Getting some professional advice can ensure that your yoga technique is safe and effective from the start.
  • ?If you decide you prefer practice yoga in the studio then attend a beginner?s class or workshop. These classes ? ? will help you find proper alignment in your body in commonly used poses. I highly recommend taking a few of these classes or at least one workshop before you start public or online classes.
  • ?You don?t have to be flexible to start yoga practice. In fact if you are not super flexible yoga will help you gain ? ? ?the flexibility you need. It will also help you to be more balanced, and to gain strength, coordination, and ? ? ? ? ? ?enhanced cardiovascular health.
  • ?You need consistency even if you only practice for one hour a week. Finding regularity in your yoga ? ?practice ? ? ? ?requires carving out the time like you would for other commitments.
  • ?Be open-minded. Choose to start your practice with an open mind and an open heart. An open mind gives you ? ?optimism towards new ideas, a willingness to learn and an appreciation of yoga practice and life.


At 121 Personal Training, we specialize in proving yoga at home for busy professionals.

We have introduced many beginners to the numerous health benefits of regular yoga practice.

Our teachers visit clients at home and use personal yoga training to help with everything from aiding weight loss to easing lower back pain.

I hope my yoga tips for beginners will guide you in the creation of your new yoga journey. tips for beginners-private yoga classes in putney, fulham, wimbledon, wandsworth


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Magda is a YMCA qualified Hatha yoga teacher in SW London and provides private yoga lessons and yoga therapy to clients.

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