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Millions of people all over the world do yoga and in a society with so much yoga, it is perhaps surprising that there is still an absence of information about constructing a home yoga practice.

Many of us are constantly under pressure, juggling family life with work and the needs each of these areas demands.

All these factors build up to a stressful existence with little time to spend on your own personal well-being and therefore yoga at home is a great health solution for busy people.


My top tips for developing your unique at-home yoga practice:


– ? create a space when you can retreat, escape and centre. We need a space that is relatively quiet in comparison to the rest of the home.


– ? you need your space to be organised in order for your mind not to wander to mess or chaos.


– ? you need a place to store your mat and any additional yoga equipment or props.


– ? you need consistency for arriving to the mat each day.??Finding regularity in your yoga practice requires carving out the time like you would for other commitments.


– ? don?t forget a teacher. ?Seek out a teacher who can design a practice that suits your individual needs. ?Getting some professional advice can ensure that your yoga technique is safe and effective from the start.


At 121 Personal Training, we specialise in proving yoga at home for busy professionals.

We have introduced many beginners to the numerous health benefits of regular yoga practice.

Our teachers visit clients at home and use personal yoga training to help with everything from aiding weight loss to easing lower back pain.

Creating an at-home yoga practice can be challenging and also hugely rewarding.

I hope my tips will guide you in the creation of your new yoga journey. – yoga at home – yoga southfields.



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Magda is a YMCA qualified Hatha yoga teacher in SW London and provides private yoga lessons and yoga therapy to clients.

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