Yoga For Spine Health.

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Yoga For Spine Health.

Yoga for spine health – private yoga in Wimbledon, Southfields, Putney and Fulham.

Chronic back pain is one of the most common reasons people visit the doctor in UK.

The pain is usually caused by lifestyle habits like: working long hours at the desk, driving the car, poor posture. Over time gravity also pushes towards the spinal column and this partnered with our forward slouching culture and hunched posture makes the spine more compressed and dry.

Luckily there is yoga to help create a space between the vertebrae discs, and to stretch and decompress the spine.

According to yoga: THE SPINE IS THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH. ?It is important to move the spine in every different direction to flush blood to the discs between each vertebrae. ?By doing so we are unlocking the tension in the spine and we are also signalling to the body that we still need to use our body in all different directions. ?Imagine that your spine is like scaffolding of the body, it is the reason we walk upright. ?Take care of it.

Try this short yoga sequence every day to keep your spine flexible, healthy and in good alignment.

Breathe as you do the yoga poses. ?Establish smooth and steady breath, inhaling and exhaling through the nose.

Perform these poses in order provided.


  1. CAT- COW

The?Cat and Cow stretch doubles as a great warm up for your spine before just about any activity.

Begin on your hands and knees so your back is flat and your abs engaged. ?As you inhale, let your belly soften, arch your back, and lift your head and tailbone. ?This part of the stretch is called Cow.

With an exhale, round your spine up to the ceiling, pull your abs toward your spine, and simultaneously tuck your tailbone in and draw your chin toward your chest. ?This part is known as Cat.

For a minute or so, continue flowing back and forth from Cat to Cow, breathing deeply, gradually increasing your speed as you restore spinal flexibility.



This?back bend increases flexibility in your spine, strengthens back muscle?while opening your chest, shoulders, and stretching abs.

Lie on your belly with your legs together. ?Place your hands underneath your shoulders, elbows hugging the waist. Inhale and lift the chest off the floor and gently look up, keep lengthening the spine. ?Soften the face. ?Exhale and release. ?Repeat two more times.

Press back to all fours and then send your sitting bones towards your heals and stretch your arms out in front – Child?s pose, which helps align and stretch the spine and takes pressure off the lower back.



This pose is great for lengthening the spine, it helps reduce that ‘ hump’ shape in the upper back and also creates muscle memory.

Start on all fours position, tops of feet on the floor. ?Bring your big toes close together and take the knees towards the edge of your mat. ?Take the bottom slightly back, extend your arms out in front of you and bring your forehead to the mat.

Try to engage your abdominal muscles – this supports the lower back and allows it to relax and lengthen. ?Breathe. Stay as long as is comfortable for up to 5 minutes.


Remember it is never too late to start doing yoga and consistent practice is the key to maintaining healthy back and spine and preventing a future back problems.

I hope you will find these yoga for spine health poses helpful.

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 – yoga for spine health – private yoga in wimbledon, southfields, putney and fulham.

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Magda is a YMCA qualified Hatha yoga teacher in SW London and provides private yoga lessons and yoga therapy to clients.

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