Yoga For Beginners

Yoga For Beginners

Yoga for beginners in Wimbledon, Putney, Wandsworth and Southfields!

If you?d like to try yoga but don?t know where to start, look no further than our 121 Yoga For Beginners course.

You will be discovering yoga in a safe, fun space, learning the basics of breathing, movement and posture at your own home.

Start small and have fun! ?The practice builds week by week over a six week period.

With practice, you?ll gain all the benefits yoga has to offer like reduced stress, increased flexibility, regulated blood pressure, increased energy and decreased pain.

In addition to stretching and strengthening your muscles, the practice can also help with clarity, calmness, and focus.

Yoga is for everybody, any age and despite the images certain media outlets project, you do?not?need to be flexible to practice yoga! ?You also don?t need to be skinny, female or of any particular race.

Yoga is not a religion, cult, or superstition. ?It?s a superb set of life skills to help you cope with stress, assist you in attaining optimal health and to help aid recovery if you have been ill.

Give it a try! ?Our six week courses are an ideal introduction to yoga at your own home, and unlike regular group yoga classes, all the attention will be on you and your specific goals and requirements.

Our friendly, fully qualified yoga teachers will provide all the equipment – and encouragement – you need to begin your yoga journey.

With 121 yoga there is nothing complicated ? we will guide you with solid instruction – the kind that will serve you well throughout a lifetime of practicing yoga.

No contracts – no sign up fees – flexible training times at your own home.

Call us today on 07881 884 738 or email us at to arrange your Yoga For Beginners course. – yoga for beginners – yoga classes in SW London.

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Magda is a YMCA qualified Hatha yoga teacher in SW London and provides private yoga lessons and yoga therapy to clients.

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