Yoga for back pain

Yoga for back pain.

As a busy personal trainer in London, I am training and exercising with clients on a daily basis.

After many years of multiple daily workouts with clients – plus my own years of training in high impact activities such as boxing, kickboxing, football, athletics and weight training – my back was in a bad state.

My lower back in particular was constantly stiff and sore, and even everyday activities like climbing stairs or getting out of a chair were painful.

I soldiered on, ignoring the pain as best I could, and managed to get through my work using a combination of ice packs and ibuprofen.

Of course, this is no way to go on and eventually something snapped in me.

By this I really mean that one day something literally snapped in my lower back!

I later found out that I had two slipped discs in the lumbar region of my spine, which in turn led to pressure on my sciatic nerve and sharp, shooting pains down my legs.

Needless to say it was near on impossible to carry out work as a personal trainer when in such pain.

Anyone who has suffered from sciatica will know what I’m on about.

I moved like a very elderly man and could barely walk down the road for more than fifty yards without having to stop to sit down, rest and stretch.

I tried everything from physio treatments to visiting osteopaths to GP prescribed anti inflammatory drugs (which for my money are about as much use as chocolate teapots) and nothing seemed to work.

My partner Magda – who is a hatha yoga teacher – was forever telling me that if I wanted to manage my back pain then I needed to start practicing some yoga.

Like many a ‘know it all’ fool I ignored her advice, until one day I relented and crawled onto the yoga mat.

Magda guided me through a special yoga for back pain routine of gentle spine stretching poses and breathing exercises.

Her knowledge of anatomy and physiology meant that she was able to tell straight away that my back pain was being caused by tight hips, and over time she included more hip opening poses into my routine.

After my first yoga session I felt better than I could possibly have imagined.

After months of agony I was almost pain free after just one hour!

After 3 weeks of doing hour long private yoga for back pain lessons 2-3 times a week I was able to return to work and also able to resume my own training.

Now I am able to keep my back problems under control with just one yoga session per week.

My own positive experience of using yoga as both a cure and a preventative measure for back pain meant I was keen to include yoga for back pain as a new service on my website.

I’m delighted to report that Magda is now providing her yoga for back pain private lessons for our clients in Earlsfield, Putney, Southfields, Wandsworth and Wimbledon.

Contact us by phone on 07881 884 738 or by email at to book in your trial 121 yoga lesson today.

It could be one of the best health related decisions you ever make! – yoga for back pain – yoga at home southfields.

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