Yoga Back Care Routine

back care yoga routine

Yoga Back Care Routine.

Here is a mini back care yoga routine for beginners and intermediate yogi.

The mini routine will only take you 20-30 minutes to perform.

This is an ideal routine to perform when you are away on holiday or business.

General points to remember:

  • Engage your abdominal muscles to help take the strain off your back.
  • Focus on good posture – whilst sitting or standing tall, remember to maintain the natural curve of the lower back.
  • Coordinate your breathing with your movement – lengthen or stretch as you inhale and release or fold as you exhale.
  • Listen to your body – ease up if you feel pain or if your breathing becomes strained.


Yoga back care routine:

  1. Sit cross legged


  • Take 5 deep abdominal breaths (inhale and exhale)
  • 6 shoulder rolls up, back and down
  • Eagle arms – 5 breaths each side
  • Eagle arms with circles – 5 breaths each side
  • Neck stretches – 3 breaths each side


2. Move to all fours

  • Cat cow stretch – 6 breaths
  • Spinal balance on all fours – extend arm and opposite leg – 3 breaths each side
  • Rest in child’s pose – 3 breaths
  • Plank – 5 breaths
  • Cobra stretch – 5 breaths
  • Locust pose variation – extend arm and opposite leg – 3 breaths each side
  • Rest in child’s pose – 3 breaths
  • Modified downward facing dog with knees bent – 5 breaths
  • Kneeling to standing – 10 times for each leg
  • Wide leg forward fold – 5 breaths


3. Lie on your back (supine stretches)

  • Bridge pose – 5 times
  • Lying (supine) hip stretch – bring knees up towards chest and hold – 5 breaths for each leg
  • Supine hamstring stretch – 5 breaths for each leg
  • Supine hip flexor stretch with blanket or block under your tail bone – 3-5 minutes.


Try to perform this mini routine at least every other day when you are away on holiday or business.

This will keep you healthy and ticking over until you are able to resume your regular private yoga practice.


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Magda is a YMCA qualified Hatha yoga teacher in SW London and provides private yoga lessons and yoga therapy to clients.

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