Workouts for Women

workouts for women

Workouts for Women.

Lose weight with our 6 week fat burning workout for women.


You’re going to build some muscle in these workouts, which will boost metabolism and aid fat burning!

You’ll be keeping the tempo high, and rest periods to a minimum, which will create an oxygen debt and lead to post-exercise fat burning.

Women tend to have good recovery from strength training sessions, so you’ll be training every other day for a six week period, and performing some leg work every workout!


During the first three weeks, you’ll alternate between a body weight workout (which you can do almost anywhere) and a weights workout with a barbell weight approximately 1/6 of your body weight. ?For example, if you weigh 60kg, then you’ll use a 10kg barbell.

In weeks 1-3, you’ll be performing a circuit of three different exercises, for 12 reps each, as many times as you can in 20 minutes.

During weeks 4-6, you’ll alternate between a weights workout and a weight/body weight one. ?You’ll use a barbell weight approximately 1/4 of your body weight. ?We’ll also be adding in a 4 minute abdominal circuit at the end of each workout.

In weeks 4-6, you’ll be performing a circuit of four different exercises, for 6 reps each, as many times as you can in 20 minutes. ?With a minutes rest after the main circuit and an extra 4 minutes of ab work, your workouts in weeks 4-6 will last 25 minutes.


Take rests when you need to, but try to keep them as short as possible, as this will keep your heart rate high and get you into an oxygen debt, increasing cardiovascular fitness and aiding fat burning.

With each workout, try to increase the number of rounds you complete of each circuit during the 2o minutes.



Here are the fat burning workouts for women:

Train every other day.

In weeks 1-3, you’ll alternate between workouts 1 and 2.

In weeks 4-6, you’ll alternate between workouts 3 and 4.

Perform as many rounds of the circuit as you can in 20 minutes.

For workout 2, you should use a barbell weighing 1/6 of your weight.

For workouts 3 and 4, use a barbell weighting 1/4 of your weight.


Weeks 1-3:

Workout 1?

Body weight squats x12

Box press ups x12

Crunches x12


Workout 2

Shoulder press x12

Bent over row x12

Alternating lunges x12


Weeks 4-6:

Workout 3

Deadlifts x6

Bent over rows x6

Alternating lunges x6

Bicep curls x6

Rest for 1 minute

Finish with 4 minutes of Walk outs x6/Crunches x6


Workout 4

Front squats x6

Full press ups x6

Cuban press x6

Tricep dips x6

Rest for 1 minute

Finish with 4 minutes of Stand ups x6/Crunches x6


Weeks 1-3 will get your body used to strength training, then in weeks 4-6 you’ll up the ante and increase the weight!

Good luck!



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