Wimbledon Farmers Market

Wimbledon Farmers Market.
As a nutrition coach in South west London, I’m often asked by clients where they should go to get fresh produce, such as fruit, vegetables and meat.
One of the first places I suggest to my clients is Wimbledon Farmers Market.
In the last decade or so, farmers’ markets have been opening all over London, offering an alternative to the supermarkets and their industrially produced food.
With access to this healthy shopping option now easier than ever, here are four reasons why I believe everyone should support their local farmers market.
1. ?Farmers markets are good for you and good for the planet!
The food from farmers’ markets comes from small, non-industrial farms with close ties to their land. ?Such farms use pesticide free, sustainable farming methods, resulting in near organic produce. ?When the foods arrive at market, they are fresh and free from preservatives and ripening treatments, rather than being shipped in from thousands of miles away. ?Local food means a smaller carbon foot print for the environment, and fresher, healthier food – picked just hours before it’s in your hands – for you.
2. ?Farmers markets are a good way to lose weight!
Buying most of your produce at the farmers market – rather than the supermarket – means you will be choosing from whole, healthy, unprocessed foods rather than weight boosting processed foods. ?You won’t be filling up your shopping bags with food laced with chemicals, preservatives, sodium or processed sugars. ?At the farmers market you buy nutrient packed foods and eliminate the majority of processed food ingredients that may have been keeping you lethargic and overweight.
3. ?Farmers markets are an uplifting experience!
A trip to the supermarket is just a chore, whilst a trip to the farmers market is an experience that engages the senses. ?Farmers markets allow us to reconnect with the simple pleasures of discovering, tasting, smelling and touching real foods. ?The wonderful aromas, vivid colours and fresh air of the outdoor farmers market is miles removed from the dreary, over sanitized, air conditioned world of the supermarket.
4. ?Farmers markets are good for social interaction!
At the supermarket, there’s little opportunity for human interaction. ?It’s different at the farmers’ market, which can be a daily or weekly opportunity to talk to and connect with your neighbours as well as the real, live people who?grew your food. ?You get to learn about the growing processes, how the plants were treated along the way, how to store your purchases and even how to cook them when you get home. You won’t ever get such a knowledgeable exchange in the supermarket, where social connection seems limited to a few hurried and disconnected words.
I tend to visit Wimbledon Farmers Market as I live in SW London and like to support local community businesses and cooperatives.
However, there are lots of farmers markets in London – to find one in your area of the capital check out: www.lfm.org.co.uk
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Magda is a YMCA qualified Hatha yoga teacher in SW London and provides private yoga lessons and yoga therapy to clients.

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