Why Detox?

Why Detox?

Everyone deserves a holiday, even your belly.

It is essential to take a load off your digestive system a couple of times a year with a detox program. ?Our digestive system works hard every day so it is very important to relieve the digestive process so the body has time to clean all the organs. ?Over time you find that you get sick less often by doing this.

Aside from the toxins we willingly ingest like sugar, alcohol and caffeine, our bodies are constantly exposed to all kinds of contaminants and pollutants in the environment like chlorine in water and heavy metals, plus general stress in our daily lives.

As these toxins build up, our bodies need to work hard to neutralise and eliminate them.

So how do you know if you are toxic and why detox? ?Do you suffer from headaches, excess weight, muscle/joint pain, food allergies or fatigue? ?If so, your body is trying to tell you that it is out of balance and these matters need to be addressed before they become serious health conditions.

Detoxing is a great way to boost your immune system and prevent and even cure these conditions.


Do you know what detoxing is all about?

Detox is about supporting your liver because simply put: your liver is in charge of clearing toxins out of your body.

Think of your liver as your engine that cleans out your blood and toxins like a filtration system. ?It has enzyme systems within it with active cells. ?These cells have enzymes inside of them that require amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, nutrients and proteins to actively take the toxins from your body and disarm them.

Detox plans work by optimizing that system. ?Detox involves eating whole foods that are packed with nutrients to boost the activity of the enzymes and nourish the body?s most important detoxifying organs like the liver, lungs, kidneys and colon – so they can do their jobs better and more efficiently.


My ‘why detox’ top tips and foods for cleansing:

1. Positive attitude is everything when it comes to cleansing.

Don?t hate that green juice – love it for its all nutrients, be grateful that you can have it when others have nothing. Your body will ?feel awake!

2. Relax and breathe.

Set 20 minutes aside each day to meditate, relax or do yoga, and just let go of stressors around you.

3. Sleep, sleep, sleep.

Our body is able to heal and restore itself during a good sleep.

4. Drink lots of water.

5. Add to your everyday diet: ?apples, apple cider vinegar, chlorophyll-rich greens, fermented foods.


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Magda is a YMCA qualified Hatha yoga teacher in SW London and provides private yoga lessons and yoga therapy to clients.

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