Weight Loss SW London

weight loss sw london

Weight Loss SW London.


Welcome to 121 Personal Training.

We have over twenty years experience in helping clients to lose weight at home.

Our team cover all of SW London.

We visit you at home and bring everything you need for a fat burning, weight loss workout.

We also provide online weight loss training packages for UK clients nationwide.

Personal training sessions are available 7 days a week, even on Sundays and bank holidays.

We will help you lose weight at home in a way which fits in with your current schedule.


Why should I lose the weight?

Obesity leads to a huge number of dangerous health conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, strokes and cancers.

Losing weight can also help with mild depression, back and joint pain, low energy levels and asthma.

Reducing your weight and body fat levels will improve the day to day quality of your life.


How do I lose the weight?

Weight loss is best achieved through a combination of exercise and diet.

Our weight loss packages include cardio training, circuit training, boxing, kettlebells, weight training and nutritional guidance.


How long will it take?

There’s no quick way to lose weight if you actually want to keep the weight off long term.

However, most of our clients see good results within three months.

Losing 5-10 KG in three months is very achievable with us if you train at least twice a week.


How do I get started?

Just fill out the contact form:?https://121personaltraining.com/contact-us/

Or call us today on 07881 884738 to arrange your trial weight loss session at home.


Lose weight with our fully insured and nationally registered personal trainers.

No contracts, no sign up fees and no wasted travel time.

Just quality fat burning workouts, tailored to suit your schedule and current fitness levels.




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Sam is a Premier Diploma qualified personal trainer in SW London and is the founder of 121personaltraining.com

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