Ten minute workout

ten minute workouts

Ten minute workout.

This ten minute workout is a great fitness fix to keep you going in between your personal training sessions.

It’s also great if you want a mini workout to keep you ticking over when you’re away on holiday or business.

Performing additional mini workouts is a good way to condition your body for your regular training sessions.

Keeping your body familiar with some of the main movements will also reduce inflammation and post-exercise aches when you return to your regular sessions.

This workout requires no equipment – other than a stop watch to time the ten minutes!

Mobilise the joints with some hip circles, arm circles, twists and side touches before you begin your workout.


The ten minute workout:

6 press ups

12 squats

6 burpees

12 crunches.


Rest for up to 60 seconds between each round of exercises.

Continue through with the circuit for ten minutes, aiming to complete as many rounds as you can.

Shortening the rest periods between each round of exercises will increase the cardiovascular and post-exercise benefits, so aim to increase the number of rounds you complete with each workout.

Finish the workout with a few gentle stretches for the hamstrings, thighs and lower back.

Perform this mini workout twice a week to maintain some fitness and conditioning during breaks from your regular training.

Good luck and enjoy!







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