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roadwork routine

Roadwork Routine

Roadwork Routine.   Roadwork is a form of running training, which is often used by boxers and kickboxers, and involves stopping your run at set periods to perform conditioning exercises. By doing this you are able to add lower body strength work, upper body work or explosive whole body work to Read More

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Personal Training at Home

Personal Training at Home.   Are you looking to get fit but finding it difficult to schedule exercise into your routine? Do you struggle to get to the gym due to work or family commitments? Or does the thought of exercising in public gyms make you feel nervous about starting Read More

Sprint training

Sprint training. Sprint training is all the rage in the personal training world these days. Sprint training is a great way to improve speed and power, build anaerobic fitness and burn body fat; and the ability to sprint is a good general sign that your body is functioning well. However, Read More