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Yoga for Losing Weight

Yoga for Losing Weight.   Yoga for Losing Weight – private yoga in Southfields, Wimbledon, Putney, Wandsworth and Fulham.   Yoga may be intended as a way to calm your mind but also is a great way to get in shape and lose weight. Many people try ‘easy’ ways to Read More

Pyramid Training

Pyramid training for fat burning.   Pyramid training is a great way to condition the muscles for endurance based activities. This type of conditioning training puts the body into an oxygen debt, which in turn leads to post exercise fat burning. Body weight exercises such as press ups, squats, lunges, Read More

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Find a Personal Trainer

Find a Personal Trainer. How to find a personal trainer or private yoga teacher in London.   At 121personaltraining we train several clients who have been ripped off in the past, so here’s what to do to ensure that you find a reputable fitness professional rather than a cowboy or Read More

essential fitness skills

Essential fitness skills

Essential fitness skills.   Does your fitness training involve the basic skills and movements which allowed us to evolve as a species? Perhaps you can bench press 300 lbs or run a sub-18 minute 5km, but would you be able to climb a ten foot wall to escape an angry Read More

Slam Ball Exercises

Slam Ball Exercises. Slam balls are medicine balls with a difference. Unlike traditional medicine balls, slam balls are soft to the touch, and so can be thrown or ‘slammed’ without damaging walls or floors. The soft nature of the sand-filled slam ball also means there is no danger of it Read More