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Ten Minute Workouts

Ten Minute Workouts.   Mini ten minute workouts are a great way to keep your fitness and conditioning levels up in between your main workouts or personal training sessions. They are also a fantastic – and time effective – way to train when you are away on business or on Read More

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Learn Yoga At Home Wimbledon

Learn Yoga At Home Wimbledon.   Learn yoga at home Wimbledon – private yoga lessons in Wimbledon, Southfields, Putney, Wandsworth and Fulham.   Are you a beginner or never done yoga before? Are you finding it difficult to get to a yoga class? Are you stressed from work, or suffering Read More


Personal Trainers SW19

Personal Trainers SW19.   Personal training at your own home in Wimbledon. Get fit and lose weight with our team of expert personal trainers and yoga teachers. No contracts – no sign up fees – flexible training times 7 days a week Share training sessions with your partner at no Read More

power band training

Power Band Training

Power Band Training.   Power bands are giant rubber bands, which can be used to add extra resistance to a wide range of exercises. They can be used to ‘make life more difficult’ when performing exercises such as press ups, squats or glute raises – or as alternatives to actual Read More

personal training for weight loss

Personal Training For Weight Loss

Personal Training for Weight Loss.   Are you looking to lose weight? Does your schedule make it difficult for you to get to the gym or a regular exercise class? Do you need some help and guidance, and want to learn the quickest and most effective ways to lose weight? Read More

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Learn Yoga At Home Wansdworth

Learn Yoga At Home Wandsworth.   Learn yoga at home Wandsworth – private yoga in Wandsworth, Wimbledon, Southfields, Putney and Fulham.   Would you like to try yoga but don’t know where to start? Would you like to learn the best stretches for your body and feel great? Is your Read More

Pyramid Training

Pyramid training for fat burning.   Pyramid training is a great way to condition the muscles for endurance based activities. This type of conditioning training puts the body into an oxygen debt, which in turn leads to post exercise fat burning. Body weight exercises such as press ups, squats, lunges, Read More

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Personal Training at Home

Personal Training at Home.   Are you looking to get fit but finding it difficult to schedule exercise into your routine? Do you struggle to get to the gym due to work or family commitments? Or does the thought of exercising in public gyms make you feel nervous about starting Read More

Fat Burning Squat Workout

Fat Burning Squat Workout.   This workout from is a great way to take your leg training and general conditioning to another level. Our fat burning squat workout is taken from the golden age of physical culture, and will build muscle, boost metabolism, stabilise hormone levels, improve cardiovascular function and Read More

Slam Ball Exercises

Slam Ball Exercises. Slam balls are medicine balls with a difference. Unlike traditional medicine balls, slam balls are soft to the touch, and so can be thrown or ‘slammed’ without damaging walls or floors. The soft nature of the sand-filled slam ball also means there is no danger of it Read More