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press up variations

Press Up Variations

Press Up Variations: Press ups are one of the best body weight exercises. They work the chest, shoulders, tricep and core muscles. Press ups don’t require any equipment other than your own body. This makes them ideal for at home training and times when you don’t have access to the Read More

workouts for women

Workouts for Women

Workouts for Women. Lose weight with our 6 week fat burning workout for women.   You’re going to build some muscle in these workouts, which will boost metabolism and aid fat burning! You’ll be keeping the tempo high, and rest periods to a minimum, which will create an oxygen debt Read More

roadwork routine

Roadwork Routine

Roadwork Routine.   Roadwork is a form of running training, which is often used by boxers and kickboxers, and¬†involves stopping your run at set periods to perform conditioning exercises. By doing this you are able to add lower body strength work, upper body work or explosive whole body work to Read More