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over 50s personal training

Over 50s Personal Training

Over 50s personal training.   Welcome to 121 personal training. We have over twenty years experience in helping clients in their 50s, 60s and even 70s get fit and healthy. Our team will visit you at your home in South Read More

press up workout

500 Press Ups Challenge

500 Press Ups Challenge.   The 500 press ups challenge is suitable for intermediate and advanced trainees. This sort of high rep training is ideal for boxers and martial artists who are looking to build endurance in their ‘pushing’ muscles. Read More

workouts for women

Workouts for Women

Workouts for Women. Lose weight with our 6 week fat burning workout for women.   You’re going to build some muscle in these workouts, which will boost metabolism and aid fat burning! You’ll be keeping the tempo high, and rest Read More

personal trainers sw15

Personal Trainers SW15

Personal Trainers SW15.   Personal training at your own home in Putney. Get fit and lose weight with our team of expert personal trainers and yoga teachers.   Personal training for all fitness levels – Yoga lessons at home. Try Read More

personal trainer sw15

Personal Trainer SW15

Personal Trainer SW15.   Personal Training and private yoga lessons at your home in Putney. Get fit and lose weight with our team of expert personal trainers. No contracts – no sign up fees – flexible training times 7 days Read More

Essential Probiotics

Essential Probiotics Hipocrates, the father of medicine, said disease begins in the gut and he was right. Your gut guides your overall wellbeing. If you want better immunity, more efficient digestion, and improved clarity and balance, then focus on rebuilding Read More