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reducing chronic inflammation

Reducing Chronic Inflammation

Reducing chronic inflammation.   Chronic inflammation can occur in response to injury, illness or infection. Such inflammation can last for months or sometimes even years. Symptoms can include muscle and joint pain, fatigue, nerve damage, muscular weakness and arthritic pain. Read More

reasons to train online

Reasons to Train Online

Reasons to train online with 121 Personal Training.   Online personal training is better value for money than traditional face to face training. We save on travel time and travel costs and pass the savings on to you. Training online Read More

online personal training uk

Online Personal Training UK

Online Personal Training UK.   Welcome to 121 Personal Training. We are one of London’s leading providers of personal training and private yoga lessons at home. We also provide online personal training via? for UK based clients. Online personal training Read More

uk obesity crisis

UK Obesity Crisis

Is the UK in the middle of an obesity crisis? A new government report suggests that obesity rates are now at a dangerous level:   The report found that the majority of adults are now overweight. 63% of adults Read More

immunity boosting yoga

Immunity Boosting Yoga

Immunity Boosting Yoga. Immunity is the body’s ability to fight off disease and illness. The immune system protects the body from bacteria and viruses. A strong immune system can remove viruses within a few days and prevent them from developing. Read More

private online yoga uk

Private Online Yoga UK

Private Online Yoga UK Welcome to 121 personal training covers the whole UK for private online yoga classes and yoga therapy. Reduce stress and get stronger with personalised online yoga! So give private yoga lessons a try and contact Read More