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veganuary-curried chickpea recipe

Veganuary Curried Chickpeas Sandwich

Veganuary Curried Chickpeas Sandwich Recipe.   Chickpeas are the most nutritious of pulses and are loaded with protein, which is vital for the healthy repair of cells. They are also rich in antioxidant vitamin E, zinc, iron, B vitamins and fibre. If you are vegan or trying to eat fewer Read More

Recipe with Chickpeas

Recipe with Chickpeas Chickpeas are one of the tastiest, nutritious and most versatile of the pulses. They are loaded with proteins, fibre, vitamins B, E, K, beta carotene. Chickpeas also provide plenty of iron and they contain zinc, which enhances immunity. Chickpea salad with spinach and cumin recipe.   Serves Read More