bike shops fulham

Bike Shops Fulham

Bike Shops Fulham. At 121 personal training, we train a lot of cyclists and triathletes. Any experienced cyclist will be aware of the importance of a well fitted and well serviced bike when competing in endurance events. The last thing you want is to lose valuable minutes from your finish Read More

New year fitness tips

New year fitness tips. Starting or resuming a fitness regime after the Christmas period can be a daunting task – here are some top new year fitness tips from 121personaltraining.com to make sure that you achieve your new year’s fitness resolutions.   Start slowly and build up. To use the Read More

Immune boosting recipe

Immune boosting recipe. Here is a winter immune boosting recipe from 121personaltraining.com: Mung beans are members of the legume family and are good source of protein for vegetarians and they are also easier to digest and quicker to cook than any other legumes. Because mung beans contain a wide range Read More

121 personal training in Essential local magazine

121 Personal Training featured in Essential Local magazine.

This article was first published in Essential Local magazine, May 2013: Getting started on a health and fitness regime can be a daunting prospect, particularly if you have a busy schedule full of work and family commitments. Local fitness, nutrition and lifestyle company 121 Personal Training is here to help. Read More