Sprinting Workout

sprinting workout

Sprinting Workout.


The ability to sprint from a ‘cold’ start is one of the best indicators of physical health.

Children are able to burst into a sprint without warming up whenever they like.

As we get older, our muscles, tendon and ligaments tighten and we somewhat lose this ability to move freely.

The older you get, the more important it becomes to use sprinting to trick your body into thinking it’s still young!

It’s use it or lose it!

That’s why the very, very best older athletes, the likes of Steve Morris, Herschel Walker and Gary Player, almost always use sprints and other explosive drills in their training.


If you don’t include sprints in your training, then don’t expect to be able to run fast in an emergency without snapping a hamstring, pulling a groin muscle or straining your knee ligaments.

In the ancient past, an inability to sprint probably meant being the one who got caught and eaten when a sabre toothed tiger attacked the village!

So don’t be a sitting duck any more and get sprinting!


This sprinting workout is for beginners (or those who haven’t sprinted in a long time).

Make sure that you warm up before sprinting.

Try a 5 minute general jog and then 2-3 minutes of more specific preparation work such as skipping style runs, runs with high knees, kick back runs and leg swings.

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Here’s the sprinting workout:

Perform this workout once a week for 6 weeks.

Mark out a distance of 60 metres (just over half the length of a football pitch).

You’re going to be running 6 rounds of 60 metres with 2 minutes rest between rounds.

Build up the intensity of the work week by week.


Week 1: 6x 60m at 75% of maximum speed.

Week 2: 6x 60m at 85% of maximum speed.

Week 3: 6x 60m at 95% of maximum speed.

Week 4: 6x 60m at 95% of maximum speed.

Week 5: 6x 60m at full speed.

Week 6: 6x 60m at full speed.


Warm down after each workout with a few minutes of light jogging, active stretching for the hamstrings and hips, and passive stretches (20-30 seconds per stretch) fror the groin, hip flexors, hamstrings and lower back.

If you are using this sprinting workout as part of your leg training, then perform the sprints first and then go on to your squats, lunges and calf raises.


Good luck and happy sprinting!







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