Roadwork Routine

roadwork routine

Roadwork Routine.


Roadwork is a form of running training, which is often used by boxers and kickboxers, and?involves stopping your run at set periods to perform conditioning exercises.

By doing this you are able to add lower body strength work, upper body work or explosive whole body work to your run.

Changing the tempo reflects the changes in pace and intensity that take place in a boxing or kickboxing match.

The addition strength/explosive work helps to burn fat and boost metabolism.

This type of training can also be used to provide variety and a mental break from regular running.

Complete 2-3 twenty minute runs (at 60-65% of your maximum heart rate) to build a base level of fitness before adding this roadwork routine to your training.

You will need a GPS watch to time the intervals between conditioning exercises and to measure the distance covered during each period of running.

This roadwork routine takes twenty minutes – stop every two minutes to perform conditioning exercises:


0-2 minutes – start your run

2 minutes – stop running and perform 15 press ups

4 minutes – 15 press ups

6 minutes – 15 press ups

8 minutes – 10 squats

10 minutes – 10 squats

12 minutes – 10 squats

14 minutes – 5 burpees

16 minutes – 5 burpees

18 minutes – 5 burpees

18-20 minutes – finish your run.


Aim to cover the following distance between each round of exercises:

Novice fighters – 250 metres

Intermediate fighters – 300 metres

Contenders – 350 metres

Champions – 400 metres.

This means you should cover between 2.5 and 4 kilometres per workout.


Try completing this roadwork routine twice a week (on non boxing or kickboxing training days) for four weeks.

Then you will be fighting fit and ready to start more intense, boxing specific interval type training.


Good luck!


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