Probiotic Raw Sauerkraut Recipe

Probiotic Raw Sauerkraut Recipe.


Raw sauerkraut ?is made with green or red cabbage, sea salt, and optional flavour add-ons like ginger or carraway seeds.

The raw, cultured veggies ?are chopped and sealed in airtight containers for a few days.

Sealing and storing the cabbage creates an environment for lactobacilli and enzymes in the vegetables to flourish, creating a probiotic-rich food.

Remember, the fermentation process to create all of those healthy nutrients takes about 5 days.

You can store sealed jars of salad in the refrigerator for up to a few months or so, once the seal has been broken, it will keep for up to a month.

Here is a delicious probiotic raw sauerkraut recipe for you to enjoy from the nutrition team at


Probiotic Raw Sauerkraut Recipe



One medium green or red head cabbage

1-2 TBSP sea salt

1-2 tsp caraway seeds, optional



1. Chop cabbage anyway you want, thick or thin strips is fine. Hand chop or use a food processor but don?t blend it up too fine.

2. Mix the shredded cabbage with salt in a large bowl.

3. Here?s the key to making it easy: cover the bowl and leave it at room temperature for 3-4 hours or even longer.? The salt will withdraw the water from the cabbage making it very easy to pack into jars.

4. Now the cabbage should be good and wet. ?Add caraway seeds if using and mix with the cabbage. ?Caraway seeds add flavour.

Take one handful at a time and place in a wide mouth mason jar. ?Press and pack the cabbage into the jar with a kitchen instrument like a big wooden spoon. The water should easily come out of the cabbage and start accumulating with every pressed handful. ?Continue pressing and packing until the cabbage is tightly packed and the water rises to one inch below the top of the jar.

5. Put the lid on and leave it at room temperature in a cool, dark place in your kitchen for 5-7 days. ?It will ferment quicker in warmer weather.

6. Check it every day. Open the lid to relieve gasses that build up. ?If the water starts to rise, let some out. ?If the cabbage starts to un-pack then pack it back down with your hands or a kitchen tool. ?If mold forms on the surface, don?t freak out! ?Just remove it. ?This is a result of contact with air. ?Everything that is submerged in the brine is fine.

7. Taste the ?kraut after a few days. When it is pleasantly sour transfer it to the fridge where it will continue to ferment and last for months and months.

8. Enjoy this probiotic raw sauerkraut recipe and with it your daily dose of good bacteria!


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