Private Yoga Classes in Southfields

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Private Yoga Classes in Southfields.


Private yoga classes in Southfields in the comfort of your own home.

Call us today on 07881 884 738 to arrange your trial class and consultation!

No contracts ? no sign up fees ? flexible training times seven days a week.


If you can’t ever find the time to get to a yoga class, then yoga at home is the perfect choice for you.

We offer private yoga classes in your own home and our teachers are available at times to fit your work commitments and family schedule.

We bring everything you need for a fun, fat burning, stress busting yoga lesson in your own home.

Yoga is accessible to people of virtually all fitness levels, from those who are starting out sedentary to people who are physically active. ?You don’t need to be flexible to get started, either; yoga gives you flexibility.

We help to introduce beginners to yoga at home and it’s many health benefits like: stress reduction, improved circulation, flexibility and strength.

Doing yoga just once a week can help you sleep better, improve posture, lose weight and also help with back pain and digestion.

Our private yoga classes in Southfields are fantastic value, with flexible payment options and discounts available for block bookings.

Best of all, you can even share your yoga class with a family member or friend at no additional cost!

Our private yoga classes in Southfields are also ideal if you don?t like group yoga classes, or having to travel to and from your yoga class, or if your current schedule makes it tricky for you to find time to attend class regularly.


Call us on?07881 884 738 today and enjoy a one-on-one yoga class with your very own fully qualified and insured yoga instructor.

 ? 121 private yoga classes in southfields, putney, wimbledon, wandsworth and fulham.


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Magda is a YMCA qualified Hatha yoga teacher in SW London and provides private yoga lessons and yoga therapy to clients.

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