Press Up Workout

press up workout

Press Up Workout.


Here’s a 100 rep ‘ton up’ press up workout for you to try.

You’ll be working ten sets of ten different press ups, with minimal rest in between each set.

This sort of press up workout is great for all sorts of trainees.

It can work as a decent upper body maintenance workout for when you’re away on business or holiday.

For weight trainers and bodybuilders, it can also work as a ‘finisher’ or bit of extra ‘burn out’ work after your main chest workout.

For runners and endurance athletes, it can be a good way to ‘balance out the body’ after leg based training.

Boxers use ‘ton up’ press up workouts to boost strength and endurance in the chest, shoulders, arms, core and upper back.


Here’s the workout:

  • 10 regular press ups.
  • 10 wide arm press ups (angle the arms out and squeeze the shoulder blades together).
  • 10 close grip/diamond press ups (place your hands in the shape of a diamond).
  • 10 hindu press ups (start with the legs wide and bring your chest down to the floor, before circling back to your start position).
  • 10 boxer’s press ups (regular press ups but on the knuckles rather than the palms).
  • 10 raised leg press ups (pick a leg and raise it a few inches off the ground before you start your press ups).
  • 10 raised leg press ups (do the same for the other leg).
  • 10 extended arm press ups (bring one hand forward from your regular press up position to really work the front shoulder on that side of the body).
  • 10 extended arm press ups (do the same with the other hand).
  • 10 regular press ups.


Try to work through the 100 reps as quickly as you can, but rest between sets and reps as and when you need to.

Some boxers and advanced fitness trainees can work through 100 press ups without stopping!

Don’t worry if you can’t… yet!

Just try to perform this press up workout once a week for 6 weeks, always aiming to beat your previous time.


Good luck and happy training!


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