Press Up Workout 2

press up workout 2

Press Up Workout 2.


We hope you enjoyed the 100 rep press up workout:?

Here’s another press up workout for you to add to your training.

This press up routine is used in pre-selection for the Royal Marines.

The routine works particularly well as a final exercise or ‘finisher’ after your regular workout.

It’s a great ‘finisher’ for body builders after upper body weight training, and for boxers after sparring or heavy bag work.

It’s also a useful routine for runners, footballers or tennis players looking to add some upper body work to their training.

You don’t need any equipment for this workout, other than a stopwatch to time how long it takes you.


Here’s the press up workout:

Perform 1 press up.

Return to a kneeling position and perform 1 overhead press with your hands.

Perform 2 press ups.

Kneel and perform 2 overhead presses.

Perform 3 press ups.

Kneel and perform 3 overhead presses.

Keep adding a press up each time until you have worked up to 10 press ups and 10 kneeling overhead presses.


That makes 55 press ups and 55 overhead presses in total.

The overhead presses provide a bit of active rest between each round of press ups.

Stop and rest if you need to, but try to perform the routine without stopping if you can.

Beginners can use box press ups rather than full press ups.? You’ll still feel plenty of tension in your chest, shoulder and tricep muscles.

Recruits for the Royal Marines have to perform this workout in under two minutes – see if you can do the same!

Don’t worry if the workout takes you 3, 4, 5 or even 6 minutes though.? Just make a note of your time and aim to beat it the following workout.

Perform this workout once per week until you can complete it in under two minutes.

Best of luck!


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