Power Walking

power walking

Power Walking.


Power walking is when you walk at a much brisker pace than your usual walking pace.

It’s not a leisurely, Sunday afternoon stroll in the park.

You should aim to walk at a pace which leaves you feeling somewhat out of breath – yet still able to just about hold a conversation!


These days, a lot of people are turning to power walking as an alternative to running or jogging.

Walking is a low impact exercise, so it’s a great alternative to jogging if you suffer from knee, hip or back problems.

It’s an excellent way for beginners, the elderly and those recovering from injuries to ease their bodies into cardiovascular training.

Power walking is a great way to burn fat and build an aerobic base of fitness -? if you keep your heart rate at around 60-70% of your maximum.


Power walking is also a useful training tool for athletes and advanced trainees.

It can be used to provide a cardio workout without wearing athletes out for their ‘main’ training.

Walking can also be used as an active recovery tool for athletes after tough running workouts.

Bodybuilders often use power walking – again in the 60-70% of maximum heart rate range – as a way to burn fat without stripping away hard earned muscle.


Walking won’t burn as many calories, or hit your cardio system as hard, as running.

It also won’t provide as much of an adrenal release for most people as running will.

Running is also better than walking for strengthening the bones, and activating the muscles in the lower body, particularly the glutes.

However, walking remains a fun, satisfying and very useful training option for a lot of people.


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