Power Band Training

power band training

Power Band Training.


Power bands are giant rubber bands, which can be used to add extra resistance to a wide range of exercises.

They can be used to ‘make life more difficult’ when performing exercises such as press ups, squats or glute raises – or as alternatives to actual weights for exercises such as deadlifts, rows, overhead presses and curls.

Power bands are a favourite training tool of many personal trainers, due to the light weight and portable nature of the bands, when compared to traditional weights and kettlebells.

This portability makes power bands easy to take with you on holidays or business trips, and allow you to maintain your fitness regime when away from home.

Power bands come in a range of different resistances – from 10kg to 50kg – which makes them suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced trainees.


Here are some of the main advantages of adding some power band training to your existing personal training sessions:

  • Power band training helps ‘balance’ up bodyweight and kettlebell routines, which tend to lack a lot of back and bicep exercises.
  • Power band training allows personal training clients to work with more resistance than their usual fairly light dumbbells or kettlebells, stimulating strength muscle fibres and subsequently building muscle, boosting metabolism and burning fat.
  • Power bands can be a great way for beginners to develop the muscles needed to perform more advanced exercises, such as chin ups, pull ups or muscle ups.
  • Power bands can also seem less intimidating to beginners than bulky looking dumbbells, barbells or kettlebells.
  • Power band exercises don’t actually load weight through the spine, so power band rows, squats, deadlifts, cleans and overhead presses are often more ‘back friendly’ for clients with back problems, than the traditional weight training versions.


At 121 personal training, we use power band training for strength work, along with traditional weight training, kettlebell training, bodyweight exercises and TRX, slam ball and power bag training.

We help clients in SW London to burn fat, build muscle and train for events such as weddings, holidays or sporting challenges.

Contact us today at?https://121personaltraining.com/contact-us/?to arrange your fitness consultation and trial session.

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Sam is a Premier Diploma qualified personal trainer in SW London and is the founder of 121personaltraining.com

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