Over 40s Training Tips

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Over 40s Training Tips.

At 121 Personal Training, we specialise in getting our clients in great shape – whatever their age!

You don’t need to make major changes to your training just because you’re no longer in your thirties, but a few minor adjustments can go a long way!

Here are some of our top over 40s training tips for older athletes.


Reduce the duration and frequency of training, but maintain the intensity.

You need to trick your body into thinking it is still young, fast and explosive! ?Gary Player, the golfer, credits explosive training for his continually great health as an older man.

Focus more on speed than on endurance.

Your ‘natural’ endurance will last a lot longer than your ‘natural’ speed, so plan ahead and add some sprint training to your running workouts.

Make maintaining muscle mass a priority.

As we age, we produce fewer muscle building hormones, so it’s more difficult to build ‘new’ muscle as you get older. Try to keep all of the precious, fat burning, metabolism boosting muscle that you have!

Protect your joints when possible.

Substitute some of your running for lower impact activities like cycling, rowing or swimming. ?Towards the end of his career, the boxer Carl Froch replaced much of his road running with cycling, yet remained in supreme cardiovascular condition.

Increase mobility and flexibility work.

As we get older, our bodies produce less synovial fluid to lubricate the joints, so spend extra time protecting your knees, hips and back by mobilising and warming up.

Pay more attention to your diet.

Try to eat more anti-inflammatory and pro-biotic foods, and avoid processed foods. ?This will allow your joints, immune system and digestive system to remain in good working order.


We hope you enjoyed our over 40s training tips.

‘Train smart’ and best of luck with your future workouts!






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