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online personal training uk

Online Personal Training UK.


Welcome to 121 Personal Training.

We are one of London’s leading providers of personal training and private yoga lessons at home.

We also provide online personal training via? for UK based clients.

Online personal training is ideal for times when we are unable to leave the home.

It’s also a great way to keep fit on business trips and even holidays.


We have over twenty years experience in training clients at their own homes.

Our personal trainers and yoga teachers are nationally registered and fully insured for online training sessions.

We will guide and encourage you through workouts which reflect your individual goals and current health and fitness levels.


Online training allows you to chose a time that suits your work schedule and family commitments.

No more long journeys to the gym sitting in traffic.

No more complicated and expensive child care arrangements in order to attend your yoga class.

We bring the workout or yoga lesson to you at your home.


Online personal training sessions and online yoga lessons are available in blocks of six or twelve.

Online training sessions last either 40 or 60 minutes – the choice is yours.

We send you an invitation via, and then all you do is enter the password on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone.


There are lots of general ‘one size fits all’ options for online training these days.

However, without scheduled appointments and personalised coaching, these options rarely provide good long term results.

We specialise in getting our clients fit using the minimum of space and training equipment.


You can share online personal training with your partner at no additional cost!

Great value online training and online yoga with no contracts or sign up fees.

Visit? to book your trial online class today.


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Sam is a Premier Diploma qualified personal trainer in SW London and is the founder of

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