nutrisionist-BalhamAt 121 personal training we believe that improving your nutritional knowledge and food choices is a vital part of shifting to a healthier lifestyle, and a way of feeling better and more energetic than you have done for years.


That is why – unlike other fitness companies – we do not offer vague nutritional information, but rather personalised nutrition services and packages which provide the practical information you need to see massive health benefits.

We also offer a comprehensive range of holistic massage treatments to help our clients to remain supple and injury free, to aid recovery from the efforts of their personal training sessions and to relax the body and mind from the stresses of modern life.

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Nutrition Coaching

“]Our six part nutrition coaching programme looks at your relationship with food and how our eating choices and habits affect how we feel, look and behave.

We teach you how to see past the glut of misinformation about nutrition and how to make realistic and achievable nutritional changes to benefit your long term health and well-being.

Once you have completed our nutrition coaching programme, you will be armed with all the information you need to make informed food choices for yourself and your family.

We will help you to makeover your own pantry at home, and also take you on a guided grocery shopping tour where you will learn how to read food labels and make sense of the confusing small print.

You will learn how to avoid preservatives, chemicals and additives, and how to begin a food and supplement plan to benefit you rather than the big corporations. [/acc_item]
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Personal 3 day Detox Plans

“]Our personal 3 day detox plans are the ideal way to kick start your health, fitness or weight loss regime.

Your nutrition coach will consult with you in person or via telephone or skype, and will then email you an easy to follow personalised 3 day plan, tailored to your specific needs.

Our 3 day detox plans cleanse, energise and detoxify both body and mind.[/acc_item]

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Healthy Cookery Classes

“]Our nutrition coach will visit you at home, and will provide all the equipment and ingredients needed to teach you how to prepare delicious, health boosting meals, desserts and drinks.

Alternatively, you can visit us at our modern, fully equipped kitchen in Putney.

Classes can be booked as individual sessions if you have a particular area of interest, or as a block of six lessons if you wish to gain a more comprehensive understanding of how to make food your medicine of the future.

Our classes include gluten-free cooking and baking, super juicing, smoothie making and how to prepare wholefoods.

We do not charge anything extra if you wish to share your cookery lesson with a friend – or even encourage your partner to join you in the kitchen!

Contact us at for our rates for group cookery classes.[/acc_item]

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Massage Treatments

“]We offer a range of massage treatments which allow busy people the chance to relax and unwind in the comfort of their own homes.

Your therapist will visit you and will bring a portable massage table plus fresh towels and essential oils for your treatment.

We offer the following treatments which can be booked as individual one hour visits or as a block of six treatments:

– Therapeutic deep tissue massage

The ideal complement to personal training sessions, deep tissue massage soothes aching muscles and helps with injury recovery and prevention.

– Relaxing massage

A lighter treatment, relaxing massage is one of the best ways to combat stress or unwind after a business trip or hectic work schedule.

 Holistic massage

A combination treatment, blending elements of Swedish, thai, lomi-lomi and sports massage, holistic massage provides both the physical benefits of deep tissue work and the stress relieving benefits of softer relaxing massage.

– Thai yoga massage

A therapeutic treatment, thai yoga massage combines medium pressure massage with gentle assisted stretching to help promote deep relaxation and reduce tension in the muscles.

–  Reflexology

A relaxing, pampering and health boosting treatment focusing on just the feet, reflexology is ideal when you feel stressed or run down.[/acc_item]