New year fitness tips

New year fitness tips.

Starting or resuming a fitness regime after the Christmas period can be a daunting task – here are some top new year fitness tips from to make sure that you achieve your new year’s fitness resolutions.


Start slowly and build up.

To use the cliche: don’t attempt to run before you can walk!

Use January to build up your work capacity – for example, in week 1 you train once, in week 2 you up it to twice a week, in week 3 you train three times, and by week 4 you have built up to four training sessions per week.

If you have had a long break from training then don’t expect to see an immediate return to your former fitness levels.

Don’t put too much initial pressure on yourself – just get used to enjoying exercising again!


Chose a main goal.

Try to avoid attempting to achieve everything at once.

Set yourself one main goal – for example it might be to lose weight – and work towards that.

Re-assess your goals every 2-3 months – over time your goals will become more precise and specific as your training becomes more advanced.


Train outside some of the time.

Outdoor training burns more calories than training indoors.

Pushing yourself to train outside in the colder winter months also builds mental toughness, which will help you in other areas of your life.

Once you start warming up and get past the initial five minute shock, you will find that outdoor training leaves you feeling fantastic!


Book a session or two with a personal trainer.

A good personal trainer will help you to determine your individual goals, and will also show you how best to achieve them.

Even a few personal training sessions can be enough to save yourself a lot of ‘trial and error’ time.

In addition, a personal trainer will also check your technique and exercise selection/frequency to help reduce the risk of you getting injured or losing motivation.

Personal training can also help you to structure your exercise routines – many personal trainers are happy to write you up a fitness programme which you can follow during your own workouts.


We hope that these new year fitness tips will come in useful – contact us at for information about personal training in South West London, plus details about our ski fitness packages and new year 21 day detox plans.

Good luck following our new year fitness tips – enjoy your training!


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