Mini workout

If you are really pushed for time, try this mini workout which only takes 15-20 minutes.

This workout doesn?t require a lot of space or any equipment other than a stopwatch.

Pick two exercises from this list:

Press ups

Sit ups


Standing calf raises


Squat thrusts


Turkish get-ups


Perform as many reps of your first exercise as you can in five minutes ? take breaks as and when you need to, but really push yourself and aim to achieve as high a total as you can.

Take a five minute break to recover! This will allow you to recover enough from the first exercise to be able to do yourself justice in the second exercise.

Perform as many reps of your second exercise as you can in five minutes.

That?s it! Keep a note of which exercises you chose and how many reps you managed of each, and aim to better your numbers next time!

Remember to loosen up the joints before you start, and to spend a couple of minutes stretching the muscles once you have finished.

This sort of workout is good for increasing your muscular endurance; aids fat burning; and will give you a good ?natural high? boost of endorphines.

Training like this will also teach you about how your body responds to and recovers from working to near failure.

You can chose combinations to work certain areas, like Turkish get ups followed by sit ups for abdominals, or squats followed by lunges for legs.

For cardio and general conditioning squat thrusts followed by burpees takes some beating.

There are numerous ways to tweak this sort of mini workout ? send me an email if you need any ideas on how to adapt your workout!

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