Low Intensity Steady State Training

low intensity steady state training

Low Intensity Steady State Training.


Low Intensity Steady State (or LISS) training is gaining popularity within the fitness industry.

LISS training is basically the opposite of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

LISS training involves working at a fairly low level of intensity (up to no more 65% of your maximum heart rate) and impact for an extended period of time.


Steady state training can include:

  • Walking
  • Hill walking
  • Stair climbling
  • Light jogging
  • Light cycling.


This sort of training has been used by athletes, boxers and bodybuilders for many years.

LISS training is a good way for athletes to lose or maintain weight, without wearing themselves out for their ‘main’ training.


LISS workouts are a great idea for the following groups:

  • Elderly trainees who can no longer handle explosive or high impact work
  • People new to training or those recovering from injuries and illness
  • People looking to build an aerobic base before moving on to more anaerobic types of training
  • Bodybuilders, athletes or trainees looking to burn fat without losing muscle mass.


LISS workouts are also a good way to improve overall health, aid general weight loss, maintain cardiovascular fitness, and recover from higher intensity workouts.

They are also good for people who want to get reasonably fit without joining a gym or investing in lots of fitness equipment.


It’s not all good news though.

There are some disadvantages to LISS training:

  • Often more time consuming than high intensity workouts
  • Tends to neglect the muscles in the upper body
  • Only really hits the endurance (and not the strength) fibres of the muscles
  • Activates the metabolism less than higher intensity training
  • Aerobic based so has no carry over to increased anaerobic fitness.


All in all, LISS training is a valuable method for older athletes, and those new or returning to training, or recovering from injury.

Try two 30 minutes LISS walking workouts a week for three weeks and see how you feel!

Best of luck…






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