Kettlebell Workout

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Kettlebell Workout.


Kettlebell training is a great way to burn fat, build strength and increase cardio vascular fitness.

You can perform kettlebell workouts in limited space and without leaving the house.

This makes kettlebell training a good winter/cold weather alternative to outdoor training such as running.

A lot of kettlebell training targets the posterior chain muscles through the back of the body.

Strengthening your back, glute and hamstring muscles is an excellent way to ‘bullet proof’ your body for sports and everyday activities.

Try our twenty minute fat burning kettlebell workout as an alternative to your regular cardio training.


During this kettlebell workout, you will be performing the kettlebell swing.

Stand with a fairly wide stance and hold the kettlebell with both hands.

Breathe out and thrust your hips forward, letting the kettlebell rise to chest level.

Bend slightly at the knees and swing the kettlebell back through your legs.

Breathe out again and thrust forward to raise the kettlebell and repeat the movement.

Try to keep your head fairly still as you swing the kettlebell – avoid looking like a nodding dog!

Use your glutes and hamstrings to swing the kettlebell forwards and up – your legs should take on the lion’s share of the effort.


We are going to keep the rest periods short in this workout, so that you get your body into an oxygen debt.

This will encourage your body to start burning fat after your workout.

Use a reasonably light kettlebell for this workout, as you will be working in a high rep and set range.


Use a 6kg kettlebell if you weigh under 50kg.

Use an 8kg kettlebell if you weigh between 50-65kg.

Use a 10kg kettlebell if you weigh between 65-80kg.

Use a 12kg kettlebell if you weigh between 80-95kg.

Use a 16kg kettlebell if you weigh over 95kg.


Here is the workout:

Perform 20 kettlebell swings.

Rest for 20 seconds.

Perform another 20 swings.

Rest for another 20 seconds.

Keep going until you have performed 20 rounds in total.


This workout should take around twenty minutes to complete.

Good luck and happy fat burning!



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