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“Sam Tilbury is an extraordinary personal fitness trainer. Whatever he is charging you per session is not enough!”
Lynn Parsons, radio DJ
"Sam is one of the best personal trainers in London and over the years has helped me a great deal with my fitness training."
Dustin Demri-Burns, actor and comedian
“Sam has been extremely flexible with my work schedule and always keeps me motivated to do more. I can’t imagine where I would be without him today.”
Allison Lacava, Barnes
“Sam began training me six years ago. He takes no prisoners, is an extraordinary motivator and a pleasure to be trained by. He has truly kept me on the road for the last six years.”
Rupert Trotter, Clapham
“Following major surgery, Sam investigated my specific requirements with great care and sensitivity. I would have no hesitation in recommending him absolutely.”
Jill Arrand, Putney
“Sam helped us get fit and lose more weight than we believed possible. If only we could take him back to America with us!”
John & Michelle Fraser, Southfields
“Thank you so much Sam for all the boxing and fitness training over the past year. I have thoroughly enjoyed it.”
Anita Wilkinson, Balham
“Sam has been my personal trainer and massage therapist for three years now. He knows exactly how hard to push me and keeps me feeling fit, healthy and ready to face anything in life.”
Marianna Klapp, Wimbledon
"I have enjoyed training with Sam for several years now. He listens, is empathetic to my moods and energy levels, is interesting to talk to, extremely knowledgeable and always professional. I would recommend him without caution."
Neil Cassie, Wandsworth