Improving your 10km time

improving your 10km time

Improving your 10km time.

These days lots of people are taking on the challenge of 10km running events.

There are now regular events and park runs throughout London, and all ability levels are welcome.

Visit ‘find a race’ to find a 10km event near you:?

If you have already attempted a 10km run in the past, but want to improve your time, then here is our guide to improving your 10km time for beginners and intermediate runners.


Make a training plan.

It’s amazing how many runners don’t make any sort of a training plan before a 10km event. ?A structured training plan will keep you focused, help organise your time and ensure that you get the most from your hours of training.

Increase your weekly mileage.

Your training plan should include an increased total weekly mileage as you progress week by week towards your 10km event. ?There is no better way to improve your efficiency as a runner than to actually run more.

Add speed work to your training.

One of the best ways of improving your 10km time is to add some speed work to your training plan. ?Lots of runners hit a plateau because they don’t do any speed work. ?Speed work increases your threshold and teaches your body to work at a faster pace than your target race pace. ?Try some timed 5km runs at 5% faster than your 10km target pace and some rounds of 1km speed runs at 10% faster than your 10km target pace.

Train with the course in mind.

It’s funny how many runners spend months and months preparing for a 10km event, yet fail to ever visit the course and run on it! ?If you really can’t get to the course, then try to do some of your training on similar terrain. ?For example, if on race day you will be running on a hilly course then make sure that you include some hill work in your training.

Give yourself every little advantage.

There are quite a few ways to shave time of your 10km time so take advantage of them. ?Investing in lightweight equipment, including a pair of lighter running shoes is one way to save valuable seconds over a long course. Consuming beetroot juice in the weeks leading up to your event could also lead to you improving your 10km time by 1-2%. ?Every little advantage helps!


So now you know the best ways of improving your 10km time, what are you waiting for?

Get out there and get running! ?Best of luck!
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