Immunity Boosting Yoga

immunity boosting yoga

Immunity Boosting Yoga.

Immunity is the body’s ability to fight off disease and illness.

The immune system protects the body from bacteria and viruses.

A strong immune system can remove viruses within a few days and prevent them from developing.

So, how can you boost your immunity naturally and long term?



How yoga strengthens the immune system.

Yoga practice consists of poses, breathing techniques and meditation.

A well balanced practice relaxes the nervous system and boosts the immune response.

Here are 4 ways yoga will boost your immunity:

  1. ?Stimulating the lymphatic system: inversion poses improve the flow of lymph and immune cells.
  2. ?Increasing lung capacity by using breathing techniques.
  3. ?Stimulating the thymus gland, which is the major immunity gland.
  4. ?Helping the body flush out toxins with twists and breathing techniques.

Immunity boosting yoga will also increase your energy levels and make you stronger!

In other words, you will feel healthier and less stressed, no matter how busy life gets.

To find out more you can read this scientific study:


So now you know why yoga is a big immunity booster.

But how do you start your immunity boosting yoga program?

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It is important to learn and practice yoga poses under the supervision of an experienced teacher.

Our yoga teachers are here to help you to start and learn yoga safely.

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We provide private yoga and online yoga lessons at home at times to suit you.

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Magda is a YMCA qualified Hatha yoga teacher in SW London and provides private yoga lessons and yoga therapy to clients.

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