How to meditate and why

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How to meditate and why.


Do you want to calm your mind, relax your body, improve your wellbeing, and live a meaningful and happy life?

May I suggest meditation?

To help you practice I prepared this simple technique for anyone who is new to meditation and wants to learn how to meditate.

You simply do it once a day for 15 minutes. It?s easy, incredibly relaxing and very beneficial to your health.


How to meditate:


Sit up in a comfortable position. Sit easily and focus on your breathing. Take three large deep breaths, very slowly in and out.

In meditation we place great emphasis on breathing. There are a number of reasons for this. When you become aware of your breathing you are in the moment, your thoughts are not caught up in the past or the future.

Notice the sounds around you. Relax your body, let your shoulders fall, ensure your phone is on silent.

When you are ready, slowly bring your attention to each of these body parts, one by one. Take one long slow deep breath, in and out, while focussing on each part of the body.


Your eyes

Your nose

Your mouth

Your whole face

Your whole head

Your neck

Your shoulders

Your arms

Your hands

Your back

Your chest

Your stomach

Your legs

Your feet


Lastly, bring your awareness to your whole body and take five slow deep breaths. Now, just sit comfortably and breathe normally. Relax. Notice any sensations you feel in your body until the 15 minutes is complete. Don?t worry if you think ?you?re not getting it right?. Just go with the flow. You can?t mess this up.

Feel anxious and agitated? That?s good. It?s stress releasing from your body. Feel tired? That?s fine too, it?s fatigue releasing. Something good is always happening. You just need to keep doing it to get the results.

It?s also worth mention that we are not trying to banish thoughts during this easy meditation technique. Instead, just keep returning your focus to your breath whenever thoughts pop up. You will probably have lots of thoughts. And that?s totally ok.


Now you know how to meditate, give it a go and enjoy the many benefits!


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Magda is a YMCA qualified Hatha yoga teacher in SW London and provides private yoga lessons and yoga therapy to clients.

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