How to find a Personal Trainer

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How to find a Personal Trainer.

If you are looking for a personal trainer – and particularly if you live in a large city such as London – then you may find yourself selecting from a huge number of potential candidates.

So how do you know which trainer is suitable for you?

Here is our guide on how to find a personal trainer.

It will explain what to look for in a trainer and also how to protect yourself in terms of finances, insurance and first aid.


Qualifications and skills.

Check that your potential trainer is suitably qualified.

In the UK personal trainers should generally be level 3 or 4 qualified, although in some cases trainers may only hold a level 2 qualification, but have addition qualifications in say yoga or martial arts.

Any honest trainer will be happy to show you their training certificates.

Make sure that you find a trainer who is qualified in training skills which are relevant to your fitness goals.

For example, a trainer who specialises in bodybuilding my not be the person to help you train for a marathon!


Insurance and first aid certificates.

Make sure that your personal trainer has current indemnity insurance (of at least ?2million) and first aid certificates.

Once again, any trainer worth their salt will be happy to show you the paperwork.

This means that in the event of you ever being injured during training, any treatment costs will be covered by your trainer’s insurance policy.

It also means that your training is being monitored by someone who actually knows what to do in the event of a training accident or injury!


Background and testimonials.

A good personal trainer should have a proven track record of helping clients.

Ask to see testimonials from current and previous clients – a reputable trainer will be able to put you in contact with real people!

Check that your potential trainer has not just ‘materialised out of thin air’.

They should be able to provide details of individuals or organisations they have worked for or trained under – if you are in any doubt about your trainer’s claims then contact these individuals or organisations for confirmation.

Check if they have a website, and also look at how long they have been running their business and how long they have been based in your area.


Finances and practical considerations.

Be wary about handing over large amounts of cash without at least trying out a trial session first.

A good personal trainer will offer a trial session (either for free or for a fixed price) before expecting a client to commit to block bookings.

This way you know whether you have the right training and social compatibility with a trainer before making a bigger financial commitment.

Also check the availabilty of the trainer – there is obviously no point hiring a trainer who only works Monday to Friday if you are only free to train at the weekends!


So now you know how to find a personal trainer!

Good luck with your fitness journey and if you are really struggling then get in touch at:

and we will find a qualified, insured and first aid certified trainer for you! – how to find a personal trainer

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