Health Benefits of Yoga

Health Benefits of Yoga.
Most people think that modern-day yoga practice is just a form of ?exercise ?form for feeling good and boosting energy levels while losing weight.
This simplistic approach, while offering a partial truth, negates the vast and deep implications of an ancient mind-body science on the health of the practitioner.
Doctors and Health Professionals are finally waking up to the fact that techniques in yoga are possible solutions to health issues in a holistic way, and not by separating the body and mind as two entities at odds with one another.
They also acknowledging the fact that yoga can heal what drugs may not be able to, and studies have shown the effects of yoga on certain illnesses.
Yoga in general has long been associated with reduced tension, stress and anxiety in those who regularly practice.
A study in the?Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment and Health?found that a single 60-minute session of yoga once per week improved feelings of clarity, energy, confidence and resistance to workplace stress after six weeks of participation.
Since stress strongly contributes to the development of disease, the health implications of yoga are impressive.
The yogic exercises are said to quickly balance the hormonal system, which, in turn, promotes longevity, deflects disease and slows aging.
More benefits include:
Effortless weight loss 

Improved vision, digestion and sleep 

Lowered blood pressure and stress 

Increased energy, stamina, clarity and concentration 

Better management of diabetes
Heightened feelings of cheerfulness and well-being 

Reduced back, neck and joint pain
Enhanced youthfulness
So know you know the health benefits of yoga, what are you waiting for?
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