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This is a fitness test I use with my personal training clients every six weeks or so.

The test checks your work capacity and gives you something to challenge in the future ? the name of the game is to complete all the exercises in the quickest time possible.

This fitness test also acts as a great mini-workout if you are pushed for time, or if you are away on business or on holiday and don?t have access to your personal trainer!

You don?t need any fancy equipment for this test ? just a stopwatch and an exercise mat or soft floor.

Here?s the fitness test:

100 Jumping Jacks (make sure your feet leave the ground on each jump).

80 Squats (sit back until your backside is below parallel).

60 Crunches (tap the outsides of your knees with your palms on each crunch).

40 Press Ups (do box press ups on your knees if you can?t manage full press ups).

20 Burpees (make sure your feet leave the ground on each burpee).

Make sure you have warmed up the muscles and joints before beginning the fitness test (although the jumping jacks act as a pretty good warm up for the rest of the test).

Take breaks as and when you need to ? or better still, work right through without stopping!

Record the time it took you to complete all the exercises ? that?s your target time for next time.

Good luck and let me know how you all get on!

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