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Find a Personal Trainer.

How to find a personal trainer or private yoga teacher in London.


At 121personaltraining we train several clients who have been ripped off in the past, so here’s what to do to ensure that you find a reputable fitness professional rather than a cowboy or cowgirl!


Find a personal trainer with a proven history/track record.

Does your potential trainer have an online presence, such as a website?

Do they have a proven background and make public which instructors they themselves have studied with and trained under?

Are they able to show you client references and testimonials from contactable clients?

Any personal trainer who seems to have just appeared out of thin air, may be equally likely to disappear ?- with your money!


Ask to see their qualifications and certificates.

Is your potential trainer able to show you their training certification?

Do they have current first aid and insurance certificates?

Any personal trainer worth their salt will be happy to show you all the paperwork.

Also check the online local press to see if your potential trainer has been sued or taken to small claim courts in the past, as someone’s past record is often a good indicator of how they are likely to behave in the future.


Do a trial session before making any large payments.

Is your potential trainer happy for you to try a session before making a longer term commitment?

Are they willing to pre-consult by telephone or email – and is the discussion about your specific fitness requirements, or are they more concerned with discussing payment plans and credit card details?

You both need to see how you get on as potential student and teacher, so be extremely wary of any personal trainer or yoga teacher who demands lump sums up front.



We hope this helps you to find a personal trainer or private yoga teacher to suit your health and fitness goals.

Good luck and happy training!


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