Personal trainer SW London shares mobility exercise routine

Daily mobility exercise routine

Personal trainer SW London shares mobility exercise routine.

Before you begin a workout, it?s important to prepare your body for the tortures that lie ahead!

I am a personal trainer in SW London.

At the start of my personal training sessions ? and before I get them to ?warm up? their muscles ? I get my clients to perform a short mobility routine.

This mobility routine lubricates the joints, preparing them for the impact and movement of training.

The routine also allows you to monitor any aches, pains or soreness you may be feeling; and believe me it?s far better to notice there?s something wrong with one of your knees at this stage than once you are halfway through a round of heavy squats or lunges!

In addition, the mobility routine allows a couple of minutes for you to prepare mentally for your workout or personal training session.

Here?s the mobility exercise routine:

Shoulder shrugs ? shrug your shoulders up and back twenty times.

Side reaches ? stand with your arms by your sides and your legs shoulders width apart. Using alternate arms quickly and lightly reach down side to side twenty times (ten each side).

Side twists ? widen your stance a bit, and pivot round side to side (come up onto the ball of your foot as you pivot) as if you were trying to look behind you. Twist side to side twenty times (ten each side).

Hip circles ? keep your legs fairly wide and twist your hips (like you were using a hula hoop) twenty times (five times anti-clockwise, five times clockwise, five times anti-clockwise and five times clockwise).

Kick ups ? kick your heels back towards your backside using alternate legs twenty times (ten each side).

Ankle circles ? raise one foot of the floor (use your arms to help balance) and twist it five times clockwise then five times ant-clockwise. Swap feet and repeat for the other ankle.

As well as doing this before you begin your workouts, I would also recommend doing this mobility routine every morning and evening – it should only take about two minutes to complete.

Try mobilising your joints 2-3 times a day for a week or two and then let me know how much better you feel!

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