Boxing Roadwork

Boxing Roadwork.

Boxers are among the fittest of all athletes, as boxing is a sport which requires high levels of strength, muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness.

These days, lots of men and women are taking up boxing training to burn fat, improve body shape, lower stress levels and build stamina, often in preparation for white collar or amateur boxing events.

You need to have a decent base level of fitness before you step foot in a boxing gym, as boxing training such as sparring, bag work, pad work and conditioning will challenge your body like never before.

One of the best ways to prepare your body for the torture that lies ahead is to add boxing roadwork to your fitness regime.


What is boxing roadwork?

Roadwork is basically running with a selection of conditioning exercises thrown into the mix!

It will prepare your body for the stop-start nature of boxing, where you will need to be ready for short bursts of high intensity activity.


Beginners Boxing Roadwork Routine:

Try this roadwork routine to build up your base fitness and to increase muscular endurance in the muscles you will be using when you box.

You will need a stopwatch to time your roadwork session – in my view there is no need to run for hours as boxing is not a pure endurance sport.

That’s why this boxing roadwork session is ‘only’ 20 minutes of work.

Enough time to build a cardio base, but also short enough for you to keep the tempo of your running and exercises at a pace which mirrors the tempo ?of boxing.


Start your roadwork by running for 2 minutes.

Once you reach the 2 min mark, drop down and perform 15 press ups.

When you get to the 4 min mark and 6 min mark, do another 15 press ups.

When you get to the 8 min mark, perform 15 bodyweight squats.

When you get to the 10 min mark and 12 min mark, do another 15 squats.

When you get to the 14 min mark, perform 15 sit ups.

When you get to the 16 min mark and 18 min mark, do another 15 sit ups.

Finish your roadwork by running until the watch reaches the 20 minute mark.


This routine will build endurance in your front shoulders, legs and midsection – which you will be grateful for when you start your boxing training!

Perform this routine twice a week for 3 weeks and you will feel your fitness levels and general physical confidence increase.

Try to increase your running pace and also the speed with which you perform the exercises each subsequent workout.

Good luck!


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