Bike Shops Fulham

bike shops fulham

Bike Shops Fulham.

At 121 personal training, we train a lot of cyclists and triathletes.

Any experienced cyclist will be aware of the importance of a well fitted and well serviced bike when competing in endurance events.

The last thing you want is to lose valuable minutes from your finish time due to mechanical bike issues.

We recommend that our cycling and triathlon clients visit? all their bicycle related issues!

Department of Endurance is based in Fulham Road, SW6.

Dept of Endurance is a one-stop-shop for the serious cyclist, offering a bespoke bike fitting service for both road and triathlon cycles, bike servicing, bike sales, power training and event preparation.

The staff are friendly and knowledgeable and – as fitting their endurance moniker – really go the extra mile to help!

One of my clients had a serious bike problem just days before he was due to compete in a triathlon, and the staff at Department of Endurance went out of their way to help ensure he was able to compete – even opening the shop out of hours!

This impressed me a great deal, and I won’t hesitate to recommend Dept of Endurance to clients in the future.

Give them a call if you need help – whether technical, mechanical or tactical – with cycling or triathlon bike issues.
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