Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga.

An article by Ewa Rylko, yoga teacher at 121 Personal Training, who specialises in prenatal and postnatal yoga.

During pregnancy women are aware that they are not only taking care of themselves but also the growing baby.

That’s why lots of them turn to yoga ? it has benefits for both mother and baby.

It makes expecting mamas fit and relaxed and that’s exactly what they need!

We all know the saying: “calm mom, calm baby” ? it applies for the prenatal period in particular.

Prenatal yoga is a style where yoga postures are adjusted to the growing belly.

It uses different breathing techniques which help during the labour and delivery.

Once you know the adjustment and poses which you should avoid (like inversions, deep forward folds and deep twists etc) you can practice it safely on your own.

Prenatal yoga helps to reduce some pregnancy discomfort like back pain, can improve sleep and gives you strength and stamina for the labour.

It can help you enjoy your pregnancy more, it can give you energy when you need it, and it helps you to accept your changing body.

Your baby will also enjoy the gentle movements.

In prenatal yoga you don’t only work with your body, you also work with your mind.

Your body already knows how to make a baby so it will know how to birth a baby.

You will be encouraged to trust your intuition ? this is what is really important during the labour and during the whole motherhood journey.

During my pregnancy I practiced yoga and meditation.

By yoga I don’t always mean some postures.

Sometimes I was just sitting and working with the breath because my body felt tired and I knew this is what I needed that day.

Sometimes I practiced yoga nidra ? it’s a form of deep relaxation and I used my imagination to see the growing baby in the womb.

I also asked my baby to help me and she responded.

In my dream she gave me her hand and I was sure she was trying to tell me not to be afraid.

It was beautiful and I really felt connected with her.

I had a birth I wanted ? my daughter was born at home with the support of my husband and an amazing midwife.

It was hard work and my yogic breathing helped me a lot.

It was the breath work which got me through every contraction.

I feel this is one of my greatest accomplishments in life.

Now I would like to share my yoga experience with other women because I know the benefits of prenatal yoga, and how much it helped me to have a positive pregnancy and birth experience.

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Magda is a YMCA qualified Hatha yoga teacher in SW London and provides private yoga lessons and yoga therapy to clients.

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