Beginners Yoga Tips

beginners yoga tips

Beginners Yoga Tips.


Beginners yoga tips – private yoga in Southfields, Wimbledon, Putney, Wandsworth and Fulham.

Before you begin yoga practice apply these basic principles of alignment to help you practice safely, feel good and for your energy to flow in an optimum way.


  1. ?Keep length in the spine.

There are two natural curves (where vertebra move in the body) one in the lower back and the other in the neck. These curves are crucial for keeping the back strong and healthy. Yoga can bring them back into balance so our spine stays strong.

Remember to:

  • when bending forward, do so from the hip crease, not lower back
  • keep long spine in seated forward bends and bend from the hip crease
  • keep long spine in standing forward bends, if your hamstrings are tight, bend the knees first.


  1. ?Keep the core engaged.

The lower belly should be engaged throughout the practice, except in relaxation.

Always connect to your core, that will help you stay strong in the poses.


  1. ?Spread the fingers wide.

In poses where the weight is in your hands spread the fingers wide to create the sense of stability.

Press down through the knuckles, the base of the index finger, base of the thumb, little finger and outer palm.


  1. ?Twist from your core.

Twists in yoga originate from the lower belly and your head should be the last part of you to turn.

Before you start to twist, root down through your foundation-sitting bones in the seated twist or your legs in standing twist.


  1. ?Shoulders back and chest lifted.

In all poses, remember to keep the sides of the torso long and the heart lifted as you pull the shoulder blades down the back.

Don?t let the lower ribs stick out.


  1. Root down through all four corners of the feet.

This is the key for any standing poses.

Spread the toes and press all four corners of each foot into the floor.


We hope you find these beginners yoga tips helpful.

It is important to learn and practice yoga under a supervision of a qualified teacher.

If you would like to try yoga but don?t know where to start, try our?private 121 Yoga for beginners services.

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Magda is a YMCA qualified Hatha yoga teacher in SW London and provides private yoga lessons and yoga therapy to clients.

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