Beginners Boxing Workout

beginners boxing workout

Beginners Boxing Workout.


Get prepared for your first ever boxing class with our beginner’s boxing workout.

This workout will start to get your body ready for tough boxing training.

It’s also a great workout for more experienced amateur boxers to follow in the off season.

During most of this workout, we’re going to work for 2 minutes and then rest for 1 minute – just like an amateur boxer.


Here’s the workout:


Jogging – 5 minutes.

Skipping – 3 rounds of 2 minutes.

Shadow boxing – 3 rounds of 2 minutes.

Squats/press ups/squats/press ups – 3 rounds of 30 secs/30 secs/30 secs/30 secs.

Planks/sit ups/planks/sit ups – 3 rounds of 30 secs/30 secs/30 secs/30 secs.


Rest for 1 minute between each set and each exercise.

The workout should take you just over 40 minutes to complete.

By workouts 4-6 it should take around 55 minutes.


Let’s look at each element of the workout:



Keep a comfortable pace and don’t let your heart rate go above 65% of your maximum.

This moderate pace will develop your heart and build your aerobic base in preparation for more intense work.

Build your jogging time up from 5-20 minutes over your first four workouts.

Keep the jogging time at 20 minutes for your last two workouts.



Aim to get up on your toes and to shift your weight from foot to foot as you skip.

Do not jump both feet up at the same time – you need to get used to shifting your energy from one foot to the other.

Keep working through the two minutes – if you make a mistake then just start up again.

Once you feel comfortable with the basics, then start adding forwards/backwards/sideways movements, hopping, knee raises and cross overs into your two minute skipping rounds.


Shadow boxing.

Get up on your toes, keep your hands held high, your chin tucked to your chest, and move about as you punch.

Throw plenty of jabs and one-twos as these are the main punches you’ll use in sparring.

Once you feel used to throwing the straight punches, then start adding in hooks, uppercuts and combinations.

Practice stepping back, stepping sideways, slipping your head or ducking your head after each combination of punches.


Squats/press ups.

Squats will prepare your legs for the ducking, bobbing and weaving of defensive boxing.

Press ups will give your chest, shoulder and tricep muscles the endurance needed to keep your hands up when defending, and to keep punching when attacking.

When squatting, focus on looking up and keeping a straight back.

Even when on the defensive, a good boxer should always be looking at his or her opponent.


Planks/sit ups.

Planks will teach your core muscles how to hold your body in good posture when fatigued.

Sit ups will prepare your stomach muscles to throw and to take punches.

Keep your stomach muscles pulled in and up when planking, and take short, sharp breaths.

This will get you used to not taking deep breaths in when punching, because if you get hit when you’re gulping in a deep breath, then you’ll be winded for sure!


We hope you enjoy this beginners boxing workout!

Perform the workout 6 times over a 2-3 week period and you should be fighting fit for your first boxing class!



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