500 Press Ups Challenge

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500 Press Ups Challenge.


The 500 press ups challenge is suitable for intermediate and advanced trainees.

This sort of high rep training is ideal for boxers and martial artists who are looking to build endurance in their ‘pushing’ muscles.

It’s also great for endurance runners and footballers, who are looking to ‘balance up’ all the lower body training they do.

It’s also a great way for bodybuilders and strength athletes to add variety or volume to their regular training.

This sort of fitness challenge is ideal for business trips and holidays, when you don’t have access to a gym all you need is a stop watch.


The Challenge.

Perform 500 press ups in as little time as possible.

Break the press ups into as many rounds as you need to.

Rest for as long as you need to in between rounds.

The press ups don’t need to be super deep and of training video standard, but they shouldn’t resemble a twitch or spasm either!



Don’t perform any of the rounds to muscle failure, as this will exhaust your nervous system – stop each round of press ups 2-3 reps before you reach failure.

Increase the rest periods if your number of reps starts to plummet.

Keep your legs fairly wide to ensure that you have four solid points of contact with the ground.

Don’t perform passive stretches in between rounds, as this will weaken you in the long haul – try active stretches (such as arm circles and swings) if you start seizing up a bit.



Perform this workout once a week for four weeks.

Each week you should be aiming to beat your previous week’s time.



Under 20 minutes – for pro athletes.

Under 30 minutes – for semi pro or club level athletes.

Under 40 minutes – for experienced amateurs.

Under 50 minutes – for newcomers to such challenges.


We hope you enjoy the physical and mental rewards of the 500 press ups challenge!

Best of luck!


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